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Whole Spice

Natural Sugar & Cinnamon Grinder - 80 g

So delicious! The grinder looks like a pepper mill, but is filled with white and brown sugar, and cinnamon.
BD 1.105

Natural Everyday Grinder - 65 g

A pleasant blend of salt, spices and herbs for all purpose flavouring of your everyday meal.
BD 1.150

Natural Country Herb Grinder - 25 g

A blend of salt and country herbs, this versatile grinder blend has a lovely fresh aroma.
BD 1.150

Natural Nutmeg Grinder - 48g

Nutmeg pieces packed in a stylish, convenient grinder bottle.
BD 2.390

Natural Cinnamon Grinder - 50 g

Cinnamon is a wonderfully versatile spice which adds flavour to vegetables such as butternut as well as apple, oats and baked products.
BD 0.735

Natural Ginger Grinder - 38 g

Ginger pieces packed in a stylish, convenient grinder bottle.
BD 1.105

Natural Peri- Peri Grinder - 45 g

A fiery blend of various chillies, bell peppers and peppercorns, this grinder will spice up your meal with typical peri-peri flavours.
BD 1.105

Natural Chilli & Garlic Grinder - 48 g

A blend of red crushed chillies, garlic and coarse sea salt; this grinder will season your meal with a fiery chilli bite and lend it a pungent garlic note.
BD 1.025

Natural Chilli Grinder - 40 g

A combination of red crushed chillies and coarse sea salt, will add a intense and fiery chilli bite to your meal.
BD 1.025