Vileda Gloves Supergrip Small

Vileda Super Grip is an excellent general glove. Stable, unleaded grip. The foam drainage binds excess moisture effectively
Brand: Vileda
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Model: CVD10100
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How does it work?

  • Patented ComfortPlus Foam Tie:
    • reduces the sweating of the hands
    • excellent cold and hot insulation
    • are comfortable to wear and dress
  • Surface contouring and surface waxing ensure the gloves provide a stable, lips-free grip


  • For example, cleaning, toilet cleaning, hair dyeing, gardening

Use and care instructions:

  • Fold the gloves on the gloves outward before use to prevent the liquid from entering the gloves
  • Wash the protective gloves when it is still in the hands
  • Take off the protective gloves and wash the glove inside
  • Dry in airy condition
  • Use different gloves for different items for hygiene reasons

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