Tyrolit 9” Steel Cutting Disc, 230X3X22,23 MM (10 PCs)

The Tyrolit BASIC cut-off wheel is designed for use on steel. The tool is suitable for cutting metal sheets, profiles, pipes, rods and solid material. The cut-off wheel available in the BASIC* assortment is particularly suitable for fast, convenient and low-burr work. The stable cut-off wheels in thicknesses between 2.0 and 3.0 mm have a very long lifetime and are suitable for universal use. Quantity: 10 Pieces
Brand: Tyrolit
Model: 497935
Usually Delivered within: 2-4 Business Days
BD 8.526
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Product Features:

  • Short cutting-off times
  • Clean Cutting Surfaces (little burring, less finishing and risk of injury)
  • Suitable for various materials
  • Cutting-off to precise dimensions
  • Non-strenuous working
  • Universal Cut-off wheels for the widest range of material cross-sections
  • Consumer Groups: Steel Construction, terotechnology and shipbuilding, building construction, vehicle repair workshops, heating, plumbing and air-conditioning technology
  • Applications: Cutting-off of: sheet metal, rods, profiles and pipes; particularly suitable for small cross-sections and thin sheets

Application Tips:

  • Cutting-Off work without a high contact force (weight of the machine is generally sufficient)
  • Easy Pendulum movement (oscillating)
  • Composite materials (steel cables, cables, etc.) and nonferrous metals can also be cut without any problems

Product Specifications:

  • Shape : 42
  • Type No : 497935
  • Dimensions : 230X3X22,23 MM
  • Specification : A30-BF
  • PU : 25
  • Quantity: 10 PCs

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