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Trixie Soft Snack Baffos 140 Gm

Dog Treats
BD 1.575

Trixie Soft Snack Bouncies 140 Gm

Dog Treats
BD 1.575

Trixie Salmon Tabs 75 Gm

Cat Food - 75gm
BD 1.575

Trixie Cheese Tabs Light 75 Gm

Cat Treats
BD 1.575

Trixie Urine Stain Eliminator Intensive 750ml

Removes Toughest Stains
BD 6.300

Trixie Cat Milk 250 Gm

250 Gm
BD 5.775

Trixie Dog Milk 250 Gm

Healthy Dog Energy Supplement
BD 5.775

Trixie Natural Food Mixture for Turtles 45 Gm

rich in protein and phosphorous
BD 2.890

Trixie Food Sticks for Turtles 75 Gm

Balanced diet rich in vitamins (A, D 3 and E)
BD 2.205