Stanley Claw hammer Wood Handle 16 oz

Stanley Hammer with Wood Handle is made with the highest quality materials and with the latest technology in manufacturing. It carries maximum life and performance. It can be used for a variety of applications. It has Forged high-carbon steel head, and fully heat-treated and polished bell face.
Brand: Stanley
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Model: Stht51271-8
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Stanley Wood Handle Claw Hammer is a tool primarily used for pounding nails into, or extracting nails from, some other object. Generally, a claw hammer is associated with woodworking but is not limited to use with wood products. Forge with high-carbon steel head that provides durability, fully heat-treated and polished bell face for material strength and light weight wooden handle for comfort and ease of use.

Product Features:

  • Forged high-carbon steel head
  • Fully heat-treated and polished bell face
  • Light weight wooden handle

Product Specifications:

  • Claw Style : Curve
  • Face Style : Smooth
  • Head Length (in) : 5-1/4 in
  • Head Length (mm) : 133 mm
  • Overall Length (in) : 13-1/4 in
  • Overall Length (mm) : 337 mm
  • Head Weight : 16 oz
  • Handle : Wood 

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