Promate MagMini-2

Cradle Free Mini Magnetic Mount for Smartphones & Tablets • 360 Degree Rotatable• Universal• Secure Anti-Slip Grip MagMini-2 is a new cradle-less magnetic mounting system designed to keep your device exactly where you want it. Effortlessly attach and detach your devices with just one hand. Perfect for smartphones, tablets and any other digital device, this adhesive-backed mount secures your device to any flat surface with an attractive “floating” look.
Brand: Promate
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• Easy installation: No tools required, just stick this magnetic mount onto any smooth surface using the 3M sticker.
• Cradleless Design: This magnetic phone mount places your phone at your fingertips without the hassle of expanding cradles, flimsy docks, or unreliable suction cups.
• Easy to use: Securing your device is EFFORTLESS due to Quick Snap Technology... Simply stick the included adhesive metallic disk to the back of your phone, and place the disk over the center of the magnetic holder.
• Ultra-Slim Design: It has a sleek extra slim design so it can be easily stuck onto any flat areas in your car or around your home.
• Universal Compatibility: Mount any device (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player) with an attractive “floating” look. You get full-screen visibility and reliable hands-free access