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Bird House White 14x23x5.5 cm

Bird House White 14x23x5.5 cm
BD 6.000 BD 4.725

Pillar Flower Stand Cream 39X39X53 centimeter

Model Number: 5109003011336
BD 20.900 BD 16.460

Willa Cart Wheel Pot Stand White 78X28X17 centimeter

Model Number: 5109005012638
BD 9.900 BD 7.795

Bird House Brown 14x23x5.5 centimeter

Model Number: 5109020002362
BD 6.000 BD 4.725

Bird House White 7x23 centimeter

Model Number: 5109020002386
BD 6.000 BD 4.725

Gardena 08965-30 Basic Set Handtools

The GARDENA Basic Set Hand Tools will get you off to a good start in garden care and the world of GARDENA Hand Tools.
BD 11.025

Gardena 8938 Hand Fork

Gardena 08938 a modern garden tool designed for digging small ridge and flower beds, as well as for transplanting plants.
BD 1.365

Gardena 08188-20 Water Smart Flow Meter

The innovative GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter allows targeted irrigation that is measured and mindful.
BD 10.395

Gardena 18025-20 19Classic Hose mm (3/4"), 50 m

The pressure-resistant GARDENA Classic Hose, which keeps its shape through the use of high-quality textile.
BD 38.640

Gardena 08769-20 Pruning Lopper 460B

The GARDENA Classic Pruning Shears 460B with a total length of 460 mm is the smaller version of the model 680, it is just a definite choice for cutting fresh wood of up to 30 mm in diameter.
BD 9.260

Gardena 8778 Comfort Pruning Lopper 780B

Comfort pruning loppers 780b bypass. Two component handle with optimized soft component for better grip.
BD 30.240

Gardena 1989 Socker Hose Connector-Set

The GARDENA 01989 drip irrigation connection kit includes connecting elements for the inlet and outlet ends of the hose, which provide a simple and convenient connection to the hose-sprinkler.
BD 3.360

Gardena 18215-20 Hose Connector 1/2" - 5/8"

The GARDENA Hose Connector allows fast and comfortable connection of the hose outlet. Through simple pulling, the connection can be released
BD 1.680

Gardena 3478 CombiSystem Hand Rack & Hoe

The GARDENA cemetery device is a versatile dual device and is suitable for the one for the raking and loosening of the soil and the other for digging - everything you need in a cemetery.
BD 2.835

Gardena 3176 CombiSystem Rack 26Cm Wide

GARDENA combisystem rake is a practical multi-function tool that is ideal for cleaning, processing and leveling the soil.
BD 3.360

Gardena 2824 Profi Mf Syst.Washer-Set

With the GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Washer Set, the GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Threaded Tap Connectors can be newly sealed.
BD 0.315

Gardena 08738-20 CombiSystem Garden Saw 300 Pp curved

The GARDENA combisystem Gardeners´ Saw, curved, with a saw blade length of 300 mm.
BD 10.500

Gardena 3102 CombiSystem Fan Rac

The GARDENA combisystem Fan Rake is ideally suited for raking leaves, grass clippings and other garden debris.
BD 5.670

Gardena18315-20 Comfort Multi Sprayer

The GARDENA Comfort Multi Sprayer can perform all irrigation and cleaning tasks.
BD 8.820

Gardena 8926 CombiSystem Flower Rake

Flower rakes Gardena 08926-20.000.00 are used for loosening and weeding beds with ornamental plants.
BD 3.570

Gardena 18301-20 Classic Cleaning Nozzle

The GARDENA Classic Cleaning Nozzle with Flow Control offers everything you need for cleaning and watering jobs in and around the garden.
BD 4.620