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Mops & Brooms

Scotch Brite Hardwood Floor Mop

Also designed for laminate and bamboo floors Reusable and machine-washable Traps and lifts dust and dirt Use with your favorite wood-floor cleaner
BD 5.965

Scotch Brite Bucket + Floor Mop Set

Floor Mop with Bucket
BD 4.800

Scotch Brite Dustpan with Long Handle - 1 pc

Dust Pan & Broom with Long Handle
BD 3.650

Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Wet Refill - 8 Pc

Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper makes cleaning simple, easy and quick. The wet cloth sheet comes with strong static attraction which picks up the smallest bits of dirt The weave of the fabric traps the dirt and dust, keeping the surface dirt-free.
BD 1.900

Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Dry Cleaning Cloth - 30 pc

Disposable Cleaning Cloth Refills (30 Sheet per Pack)
BD 2.875

Magic Flat Mop - Z9

BD 7.605