Mama Sita's

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    Mama Sita's

    Mama Sita's Sinigang Sa Sampalok Mix 50gm

    Sinigang Sa Sampalok Mix 50gm
    BD 0.340

    Mama Sita's Lumpiang Shanghai Mix 40gm

    Lumpiang Shanghai Mix 40gm
    BD 0.370

    Mama Sita's Tocino Mix 50gm

    Tocino Mix 50gm
    BD 0.340

    Mama Sita's Achuete Annato Powder 10gm

    Achuete Annato Powder 10gm
    BD 0.390

    Mama Sita's Bitter Stew Mix Soup 40gm

    Bitter Stew Mix Soup 40gm
    BD 0.260

    Mama Sita Soy Stir Sauce 200Ml

    Mama Sita's Soy Stir Sauce. Just the right blend of soy sauce and spices use as dip for shumai, dumplings, or over canton noodles.
    BD 0.250

    Mama Sita Fiesta Bbq Marinada 350Ml

    A special blend of Asian spices based on our famous recipe comes to a sweeter and spicier version of the usual street corner barbecue.
    BD 1.240

    Mama Sita Java Bbq Sauce 410g

    BD 1.030

    Mama Sita Menudo Sauce 80g

    Generous tomatoes and spices enliven this classic Filipino stew, ready to simmer with meat and vegetables.
    BD 0.370

    Mama Sita Buffalo Wings Sauce 385g

    This zingy sauce will give your chicken wings a delicious kick that will have you looking for more.
    BD 0.420

    Mama Sitas Oyster Sauce Garlic 405g

    The sita's garlic oyster sauce 405g
    BD 1.405

    Mama Sitas Oyster Sc Mushroom 405g

    Capture the real taste of mushroom masterfully blended in Oyster Sauce.
    BD 1.405