LG Bagless Vaccum Cleaner -VK5320NNT

1.5 Liter Dust Capacity Bagless Vacuum, Red Color, 2000W, Low Noise Level, HEPA Filter
Brand: LG
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Model: VK5320NNT
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Long lasting Suction Power

Vertical Ellipse Cyclone system efficiently separates dust from the clean air, thus LG Bagless Vacuum cleaner provides longer lasting and powerful suction power.

Telescopic Pipe

The Telescopic feature makes the pipe longer and easier

HEPA filter Technology

Multilayer HEPA-filter traps the finer dust particles and allergens, leaving only clean, fresh air in your home.

system 10 year

The Kompressor™ system uses a unique wiper blade within the bagless bin to keepit clean while compressing dust intake. LG 
gives 10 year warranty* on components 
of dust compression system.

Kompressor™ 3x Dust Compression (Large Capacity)

The unique Motorised Dust Compression Technology that delivers up to 3 times more capacity than a standard dust bin. That allows you to store up to 3 times more dust vs. non-compressor models, and make it simple, no clouds of dust.

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