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Kitchen Tools

Victorinox 5.2003.19,Carving Knife19 cm

Victorinox, carving knife. 15 cm,
BD 13.500

Victorinox 5.2003.12,Carving Knife 12 cm

Carving Knife, victorinox carving knife 12 cm
BD 10.000

Victorinox 5.2000.31,Carving Knife,RoseWood handle 31 cm

Carving Knife, RoseWood handle 31cm
BD 24.500

Victorinox 5.2000.28,Carving Knife,RoseWood handle 28 cm

Carving Knife, RoseWood handle 22 cm
BD 24.000

Victorinox 5.1803.15B,Slicing Knife Blister

Victorinox, Slicing knife Blister
BD 10.500

Victorinox 5.2000.22,Carving Knife,RoseWood handle 22 cm

Carving Knife,RoseWood handle 22 cm
BD 15.500

Victorinox 5.2600.23,Flexible Spatulas

BD 16.000

Victorinox 5.2600.20,Flexible Spatulas

BD 10.300

Victorinox 5.2600.15,Flexible Spatulas

BD 12.000