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Kenzo Flower for Women - 100ml

Eau De Parfum
Brand: Kenzo
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A powdery floral scent, a subtle balance of Bulgarian Roses and Violets, magnified by Vanilla and White Musks. A singular Eau De Parfum created by Alberto Morillas, that has become an icon in the fragrance world.


A simple and beautiful, fragile and strong red flower, like the woman who holds it. Unpredictable, the poppy grows here and there, where least expected, to reenchant the city. It blossoms on the urban curves of the bottle.

Kenzo invents the fragrance of this scentless flower. An unexpected, sensual and enveloping fragrance in the heart of the generous FLOWER BY KENZO world.

  • Fragrance Notes:Soft, Orange Flowers And Sweet Spices.

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