Hama Vehicle Charging Set Lightning 2.4A MFI - U6108995

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Model: U6108995
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Component USB Cable (USB-A Plug - Lightning Plug (Apple))/USB Car Charging Adapter (Cigarette Lighter Plug - USB-A Socket)

Field of Application

Usage MP3 Player

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  • Direct power supply and battery recharging via a cigarette lighter socket
    2-part set with useful accessories (USB vehicle charger, connection cable) for an iPhone/iPad:
  • USB vehicle charger:
  • Pin assignment for Apple devices
  • Suitable for the electrical systems of cars (12V)
  • USB output: 5 V/2400 mA
  • USB connection cable (6ft):
  • For charging and synchronizing an iPad, iPod and iPhone
  • USB-A plug on Apple Lightning plug
  • For connecting an iPad to a computer with a USB interface
  • For transferring data like music editing programs such as iTunes
  • Also suitable as charging cable for appropriate USB power supply units
  • Authorized by "Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod"