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Dettol Healthy Home All Purpose Cleaner Aqua 1.8L

• Kills 99.9% og germs • Aqua Fragrance • Removes Stains • Brightens surfaces • Lasting Fragrance
Brand: Dettol
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Dettol Healthy Home All Purpose Cleaner Aqua 1.8L Its Unique formula gives you a 4 in 1 action; Kills 99.9% of germs, removes stains, brightens surfaces and provides a long lasting fragrance Dettol 4 in 1 Multi-Action Cleaner can be used on all hard washable surfaces including kitchens, bathrooms, floors, etc. Providing the complete solution to your cleaning needs, with no additional cleaning agents required! For best results do notmix with any other product. Directions for use: For everyday cleaning: Dilute 125 ml of product per 2L of water (4 cap fulls per quarter bucket of water) for all hard surfaces. Gently mob the surface. For extra disinfection: Dilute 125ml per 1L of water and leave diluted mix for 5 min on surface before wiping For tough Stain cleaning: Apply undiluted with cloth or sponge and wipe surface clean

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