Cleaning Materials

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Cleaning Materials

Vileda Inox + Sponge - 1 Pc

Metal wire cleaning with sponge.
BD 1.840

Vileda Spiral Inox - 5 Pc

5 Pc
BD 1.510

Vileda Spiral Scourer Inox Promo Pack - 2+1 FREE

Inox Vileda is the stainless steel scouring pad that is ideal against encrusting pots and for the deep cleaning of all particularly encrusted surfaces. • It does not rust because in stainless steel.
BD 0.790

Vileda Tip Top - 9 Pc

9 Pc
BD 1.420

Vileda Tip-Top 3 + 2 FREE

3 + 2 FREE
BD 0.620

Vileda Glitzi Flexible 2+1 FREE

2+1 FREE
BD 0.475

Vileda Microfibre Pad Cloth - 1 Pc

TV, Smartphone and Tablet Wipes
BD 0.895

Vileda Spongecloth - 5 + 1

Sponge cloth made from natural materials of cellulose and cotton, which guarantee excellent absorption of liquids. The napkin is suitable for wet cleaning of all types of surfaces. Absorbs 10 times its weight. We recommend that you rinse before using it for the first time.
BD 1.450

Vileda Sponge Cloth 3+1

The all rounder for thorough cleaning with antibacterial effect.
BD 1.010

Liao duster - E130015

Microfiber head 38cm Bendable cleaning head Total Lengh 58cm TPR handle
BD 1.188 BD 1.040

Liao Microfiber glove - F130013

BD 0.775

Spray Mop - S6

Squeeze mode handle easy to operate.
BD 5.400

Magic Flat Mop - Z9

BD 7.605

Home Mate White Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves Medium 100pcs

Home Mate White Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves Medium 100pcs
BD 1.890