Casio CTK-6250k2 Keyboard 61 Sensitive Keys 700 Tones 210

Casio CTK-6250k2 Keyboard 61 Sensitive Keys 700 Tones 210 (including adapter )
Brand: Casio
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Model: CTK-6250k2
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    Mixer 32 Channels 

    With nine sliders, one for each channel, you can adjust individually and simultaneously the volume functions, reverb and so on. * WK-6600 and CTK-6200, CTK-6250: Button and dial operation only. 

    Timer Editor 

    All built- in timer parameters (attack time, release time, cutoff, vibrato, reverb / chorus, etc.) are adjustable and editable by simply pressing the TONE EDITOR button. New created tones can be stored and easily accessed during your live performances. 

    Multiple Digital Effects

    The built-in effects consist of reverb (10 types), chorus (5 types) and DSP (100 DSP configurations with 46 types, including delay, phaser, flanger, wah, rotary, among others). By adjusting the original DSP parameters you can create and store up to 100 combinations of effects. * DSP and chorus can not be used simultaneously. 

    Sound Sequencer 

    The 17-track sequencer (16 tracks + 1 system track) functions as a multi-tape recorder, enabling simultaneous recording of your performance in real time. The 17 tracks also serve for multifaceted recording of other instruments. Full recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard Midi File) format and saved to an SD memory card. 

    Music Presets

    Music presets access the auto-companion, tune, reverb and other progressive chord settings with just 1 tap. There are 305 presets for you to easily configure your keyboard, choosing from a wide variety of musical styles. 

    Pitch Bend Wheel & 

    Equalizer Modulation Button 

    Incorporates five selectable frequency features, including "Bright" that enhances treble and "Powerful" with emphasis on volume. 


    With the arpeggiator you can play various arpeggios and other phrases automatically through the keyboard keys. You can also choose from 150 different arpeggio types, including finger chord arpeggios, guitar phrases and more. 

    Automatic Harmonization

    Automatic harmonization in melody notes provides a professional experience with the depth of a high-class instrumentalist. 

    Rhythm Editor 

    The WK-6600, CTK-6200 and CTK-6250 come with the Rhythm Editor function so you can edit the built-in self-accompaniments by creating your own user rhythms. * Models WK-6600, CTK-6200 and CTK-6250 only. On the WK-7600 and CTK-7200 models, you can use the Easy Edit function of the Pattern Sequencer. 

    Voice Percussion 

    You can record up to 5 voices in the rhythm preset to create the "Voice Percussion." 

    SD Memory Card Input

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