Pet Care Today! Why buying Petcare product online is beneficial?

Having a pet in today’s rat-race is a boon to the stressful mechanical life.

For years now, studies have shown that pets can decrease both blood pressure and anxiety, and perhaps even boost immunity.

Pets are no more considered as just an animal in the house but it’s a part of the nuclear families existing today. Pets have been the best companions to all age groups right from toddlers to oldies.

Make Your Friends’ Birthdays Even More Special with These Cake Customization Ideas

It’s your best friend’s birthday! They’ve been there for you through thick and thin and you have shared some of the best memories of your life with them. They’ve seen you at your best…and also at your worst and still accepted you!

You obviously want to make their day the best it ever has been, and for that you need ideas. You won’t settle for anything but the best for your friend and her cake should be no exception to the rule. Thankfully for you, we’ve you covered with these splendid ideas for customized cakes your friend is sure to love!

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful! 4 Reasons Why Shopping for Beauty Products Online is a Great Idea

Online shopping has become one of the largest, exponentially growing industries in the past decade. And why not – it allows you to get whatever you need, delivered to your doorstep with little more effort on your part than a tap on a screen.

If you’re anything like most online shoppers, you too love browsing through the latest releases from your favorite online retailers. No salespeople hovering around you forcing you to buy a product you’re probably never going to use. No getting dressed – if you don’t want to – to go out and buy whatever it is you need. And the feeling when the deliveryman rings the bell with a package in his hands is no less than the giddy happiness of a surprise birthday party!

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Shopping For All Your Eyewear Online

We live in the 21st century and have access to modern technology as well as lightning fast internet speed. Why not make good use of these perks? Ditch getting dressed up just to visit a shop, and buy all the eyewear you want online!

It all began twenty years ago when online shopping first became a thing. Today, it’s rapidly catching up to traditional shopping. There are so many reasons why most people choose to go the online route.

Buying a Watch Online? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know Beforehand.

Most of us would agree that a watch is an indispensable item to have on you at all times. It isn’t simply a device used to check if it’s lunch time yet. It’s an extension of your personality. So choose your watches wisely!

What’s more, online shopping has made everyone’s lives easier. Now, there’s no need to rush to a brick-and-mortar store if you want to add to your collection of watches. A few clicks would do the job.

Fresh Fish Online!

One of the most nutritious food available easily is the fish. Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid, which helps in lowering the risk of strokes as well as heart failure, and improves vision. In addition to that, fish is also a great source of vitamin D, which helps in lowering the risk of autoimmune disease.

Travel Luggage: Which Type Do You Need?

Travelling abroad? It might be a solo vacation or one with your family. Almost 2.2 billion people in the United States travel annually for either business or leisure.

 In either case you want to make sure that you have a trusty bag with you that consist of all the items that you need during your journey. Here is a look at the different types of luggage you can carry with you:

WafiApps inducts Nissan in its fleet, Bahrain’s largest online store, has inducted a fleet of Nissan Cars to cater to the needs of its growing online customers in Bahrain.

We are delighted to have chosen Nissan as our mobility partner” says Anup Justine, Chief Technology Officer at

WafiApps appoints new Chief Happiness Officer the largest e-commerce store in Bahrain has appointed it’s first Chief Happiness Officer - Hanan Janahi.

The unique designation created for the organization aims to ensure not only employee job satisfaction but also higher level of engagement and service with our customers, vendors, merchants and other service providers.

Wafi Falcons - A Passionate Sporting Brand

When I first heard about the possibility of a cricket franchise league in Bahrain I was initially very sceptical. Would the right sort of people be interested in supporting such a new and different venture for Bahrain and was there the desire and innovation to make such a competition work? Having worked in education and sports management throughout my career it has always struck me that go-getters and innovators are always needed to get these sorts of projects off the ground initially. When I received my initial invite to a planning meeting, I went along to listen and, if asked give my ideas. As always the plans were great and at times complicated but the right things were being said in essence and the strong personalities began to come through. I was quickly approached to support and lead a team and was impressed by the vision shown by the Wafi franchise. Jacob Thomas, as its driving force, matched my ambitions and aspirations and we immediately devised a shared vision for what the sporting arm of Wafi Apps should look like. Wafi Apps is the largest online store in Bahrain, so why the interest in sports and sports development? This was an important question that I needed an answer to as it was important to me that the brand of Wafi Sports was sustainable, developmental and was transparent in everything that it did.

Wafi Apps is a strong brand, a competitor and it had to be aspirational and not able to settle at any stage for second best. It was evident from the early meetings that second best and slipshod activities would not be accepted on either side of this partnership and that other sports alongside cricket would be brought under the Wafi Sports banner. Football and basketball, in the forms of expat teams from India and the Philippines respectively sit proudly alongside cricket as ‘Wafi Falcons’. Wafi has led the way at the franchise meetings and went into the player auction in an excellent position to secure a strong yet aspirational squad. This was achieved in determined style as the required and desired squad was purchased under budget and ahead of the other franchises, who then scrambled to keep up and secure the necessary resources. Only time will tell who did the best business but the Falcons’ hierarchy left the auction in good spirits! A press launch to unveil the brand ambassador, Indian film star Mamta Mohandas, launch the Wafi Falcons logo and present the three teams and the Yuva Kerala Falcons kit was lavish and expertly mc’d by marketing manager Lyn Nell and Team Director Arjun Unnikrishnan. Mamta spoke with passion about her own life and career to inspire the gathered football and cricket Falcons. With co-owners Hanan Janahi and Jacob Thomas present to add the swagger and passion to the event, the Falcons were launched with a bang.

My scepticism is a distant memory and the answer to my question about why Wafi Apps and sports has been found. Wafi Apps is an excellent, progressive and strong brand that is aligning itself with members of the Bahrain sporting family. The links are clear and success is definitely just around the corner. The identification and development of local talent through publicity and resourcing will allow local sports teams and players to excel in competitions within Bahrain and across the GCC.