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Badshah Chicken Hot Spice Masala 100g

Now make your chicken more mouthwatering with Badshah chicken Masala hot 'n' spicy. It has properties that gives chicken a more mouthwatering , robust and hot flavour, with just the perfect mix of spices.
BD 0.735

Badshah Pav Bhaji Masala 100g

Pav Bhaji is basically a dish from the western side of India, that has long been one of India's favourite snacks.
BD 0.735

Badshah Mix Chana 100g

The chana masala is a recipe that originated in the Punjab region of India. They are made of chickpeas and then garnished with onion tomatoes cilantro leaves.
BD 0.630

Badshah Mix Chat Masala 100g

Sprinkle a touch of Badshah chaat masala on salads, fruit, potatoes, or any vegetable, to perk up flavors instantly.
BD 0.525

Badshah Tandoori Chicken Masala 100g

Badshah Tandoori Chicken Masala adds a special taste as it contains exotic ingredients that are specially processed and checked for quality at ever step of the process.
BD 0.735

Badshah Fish Masala 100g

This spicy seasoning can be used for all kinds of fish recipes.
BD 0.580

Badshah Meat Masala 100g

Badshah Meat Masala is a special blend of Indian spices ideal for cooking any kind of meat.
BD 0.735

Badshah Mix Biryani Pulav 100g

Badshah has created this aroma that makes your Pulav and Biryani extraordinary.
BD 0.945

Badshah Mix Kitchen King 100g

Badshah Mix Kitchen King 100g
BD 0.580

Badshah Garam Masala Rajwadi 100g

Badshah Garam Masala Rajwadi 100g
BD 0.315

Badshah Punjabi Chhole Ka Masala 100g

A staple spice blend in North India, Badshah Punjabi Chole Masala is an elaborate brand that makes Punjabi chole as never before.
BD 0.525

Badshah Kasuri Methi 25g

Badshah kasuri methi is a good taste enhancer. It adds flavor and texture to vegetables, lentils and pulses.
BD 0.265