Armor All Tire Foam Detailers Advantage 510gm

Armor All Tire Foam Detailers Advantage 510gm
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Armor All® Detailer’s Advantage® Tire Foam® Protectant cleans and shines tires in one easy step without wiping. With 50% more silicone,* Detailer’s Advantage® gives you the extra shine and protection ingredients you expect from a premium Armor All® product. This product will not harm wheels or wheel covers.

  • Specially formulated to meet the tough standards of professional detailers
  • Cleans, shines and protects tires


First wash or rinse excessively dirty or muddy tires. Clean extra-dirty whitewalls with Armor All® Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner.


Use only on sidewalls, not treads. Avoid overspray on treads, brakes or floors. Do not use on cycle tires. Brake dust and other residue from tire can spot driveway. To avoid, rinse driveway immediately after use.

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