Al Karamah

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Al Karamah Springroll Small 160g

Al Karamah Springroll Small
BD 0.483

Al Karamah Springroll Large 250g

♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a high quality product that is made of the finest flour. Use: ♦ Spring Rolls Pastry is a delicious snack or a complementary dish that can be served in different variety of fillings e.g. mixed vegetables, or cheese or fried shrimps
BD 0.620

Al Karamah Shredded Kunafa 500g

BD 0.772

Al Karamah Pizza Crust Small 440g

Plain Pizza crust (13cm in diameter) made with fine ingredients and half baked. Very popular item delicious and crunchy. Most customers use it to make their own toping as they desire, the dough is ready to bake as soon as it is defrosted and made ready with toppings
BD 1.208

Al Karamah 10 Puff Pastry Sqrs 400g

Al Karamah 10 Puff Pastry
BD 0.730