Adhesives, Tapes & Blades

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Adhesives, Tapes & Blades

BOSCH Glittering Glue sticks for Gluey

Glittering Glue Sticks
BD 4.688

BOSCH Colored glue sticks for Gluey

Colored Glue sticks
BD 2.125

BOSCH Transparent Glue Sticks for Gluey

Glue Sticks transparent
BD 2.125

BOSCH Gluey Gray Color

Creative Glue Pen
BD 14.438

BOSCH Gluey White Color

Creative Glue Pen
BD 14.438

BOSCH Gluey Green Color

Creative Glue Pen
BD 14.438

BOSCH Gluey Blue Color

Glue Pen
BD 14.438

Cyclo Ultraweld® Grey OX Silicone 99ml

Instant Rtv Gasket Maker
BD 1.300

Cyclo Ultraweld® Clear Silicone 89ml

Instant Gasket Maker
BD 1.200

Cyclo Ultraweld® Red Silicone 89ml

Instant Gasket Maker
BD 1.100

Cyclo Ultraweld® Epoxy Steel Tubes 28gm

Cold Welding Compound
BD 1.000

Cyclo Ultraweld® Clear Epoxy Tubes 14gm

Colorless Bonding Compound
BD 1.200

BOSCH 70 pcs Accessories set

Accessories Set 70 pcs
BD 18.375

Stanley Snap-Off Blades 18mm (10 pcs)

Stanley Snap Off Blade 18mm is having Replacement blade dispenser with blade breaker system and storage of used segments. It has 0.55mm reinforced thickness - for everyday general PRO use.
BD 1.481

Stanley Trimming Knife Blade (25 pcs)

Cut and trim with ease with 1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades from STANLEY®. This long-lasting replacement utility blade fit most standard utility knives.
BD 2.890 BD 2.489

Stanley Red Chalk Refill (5 pcs)

Stanley Chalk refill powder specially formulated for good adhesion and high visibility, and is water resistant. It provides good resistance to all atmospheric conditions.
BD 3.150 BD 2.919

Stanley Steel Long Tape 30m / 100'

The Stanley STHT34107-8 Steel Tape features a 30 m x 38-inch blade with easy to read markings It has a practical high impact, high visibility yellow ABS case. The 038-inch steel blade with polymer coating ensures durability. The blade recoils neatly into the case for hassle-free usage. Stanley tape is easy to carry and handle.
BD 6.090 BD 5.880

Stanley Scissor, 240mm

Stanley Scissors is Ideal for a wide range of cutting needs. Stainless steel blades provide long life and smooth cutting. Serrated blade holds material in place and gives nice clean cut. Ergonomic handles allow for effortless and comfortable cutting.
BD 4.305 BD 3.749

Stanley Retractable Knife, 152mm

The Classic99® 6 Inch Retractable Utility Knife has a three-position retractable blade made of carbon alloy steel that can handle all types of professional and home improvement jobs. It is the one and only original Stanley® retractable knife. InterLock® nose firmly secures blade into knife.
BD 1.974

Stanley Tylon Measuring Tape - 8M

Stanley Tylon Measuring Tape features both imperial and metric graduations and is made from high quality steel coated with Tylon and a matt, zero glare coating. Tylon coated blade provide anti-glared reading. Soft touch case. Tru-Zero hook for accurate inside and outside measurements. Imperial Measurements. Metric Measurements.
BD 4.515 BD 3.707

Stanley Tylon Measuring Tape - 5m

The Stanley 5m Tylon Tape has a tough rubber/plastic case for durability and comfort. The 19mm wide blade is coated in Tylon for a long life. Tylon TM Blade coating gives greater durability / wear resistance than lacquer. Belt Clip for ease of storage. Compact and ergonomic bi material case for comfort and ease of use. Matt finish blade reduces glare/reflection for easy reading.
BD 2.310 BD 2.153

Stanley PowerLock Measuring Tape - 10m

The STANLEY® PowerLock® tape measure’s innovative slide lock makes measuring faster and easier. It’s Tru-Zero™ end hook ensures accurate measurements. The Stanley PowerLock® BladeArmor® Pocket Tape has a curved steel, Mylar® coated steel blade that is up to 10 times more resistant to abrasion than normal lacquered blades. The first 100mm of the blade is reinforced with BladeArmor® coating for maximum durability and reduced blade breakage. Tipped by a super-strong 3 rivet, automatically adjustable, tru-zero end hook. Supplied in a high-impact, chrome plated ABS plastic with a smooth, quick-grab autolocking mechanism and a conventional steel belt clip. Available with metric only or metric and imperial graduations.
BD 8.610

Stanley PowerLock Measuring Tape - 8m

The STANLEY® PowerLock® tape measure’s innovative slide lock makes measuring faster and easier. It’s Tru-Zero® end hook ensures accurate measurements. The STANLEY® 26 ft./8m PowerLock® Tape Rule blade is reinforced BladeArmor® coating for maximum durability. The tape has up to an 7-foot standout. For versatility, it includes both inch and centimeter graduations. Mylar polyester film coating extends blade life and enhances durability. Heat-treated spring for longer life. Positive blade lock will not creep while taking measurements. Metric/SAE, graduated in 16ths of an inch. Belt clip is fastened to back of case.
BD 6.773

Stanley PowerLock Measuring Tape - 3m

The STANLEY® PowerLock® tape measure’s innovative slide lock makes measuring faster and easier. It’s Tru-Zero® end hook ensures accurate measurements. PowerLock Measuring Tape Die-cast metal case holds its own against rough handling. Entire blade coated with heavy-duty Mylar® polyester film for unbeatable durability. Two-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook stands up to continuous use. Special Tru-Zero hook does double-duty as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs. Cuts up to 18 gauge (1.2mm) cold-rolled steel or 23 gauge (0.7mm) stainless-steel.
BD 1.995