DIOX Nanoclo2 Virus Blocker Badge

The new generation of Virus Prevention, sterilization and deodorization technique. Anti-bacterial/germ/mold (Sanitisation) and Deodorisation by Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2)
Made in Japan
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  • Removing almost of all virus in airspace
  • Effect of deodorant by Clo2 is faster and much works than Chlorine
  • The deodorant effect is expected to resolute for fundamental of bad odor by chemical oxidative decomposition.It has the effect of deodorizing eight major odors of【ammonia/ methyl mercaptan/ hydrogen sulfide/ methyl sulfide/ trimethylamine/ methyl disulfide/ styrene /acetaldehyde】
  • Place of Origin: Japan.Protect from Virus (Germ, Bacteria, Odor) on air. Instantly blocks the spread and transmission of viruses, destroying their protein structure.
  • A unique device developed by Japanese scientists resembles a usual office badge and effectively destroys practically all known pathogenic bacteria and viruses within a radius of 1 cubic meter.
  • Neutralizes allergens and eliminates unpleasant odors caused by the activity of microorganisms (for example, the smell of sweat or dirty clothes). Airspace Sanitization & Deodorization for About 2 Months.
  • Ingredient: Sodium chlorite/Calcined zeolite. Shelf life without opening the protective packaging - 3 years. Nanoclo2 kills only pathogenic microorganisms, without causing any harm to the cells of a person or animal.
  • Protection from viruses and bacteria in places of mass congestion and communication of people, in offices, in hospitals, in schools, in shops, in banks, at work. Easy to use, attached to clothing. Replaces the medical mask.

What’s Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) ?

Structure of disinfection and deodorization by chlorine dioxide molecules

Chlorine dioxide is a gas formed from sodium chlorite (NaClO 2) and acidic substances such as acetic acid or citric acid and is represented by ClO 2 in the chemical formula.
Chlorine dioxide is a molecule with free radicals (unpaired electrons), and it always tries to deprive electrons from other molecules (viruses, fungi, molds, odors) floating in the air.

A substance that is deprived of electrons loses its inherent function by changing its component structure.

※ It does not guarantee that it is 100% adsorbed to viruses, fungi, fungi and odor suspended in the air to change the structure. The spread of components varies depending on    the use environment and conditions.

■ Usage Scene

“Nanoclo2” is active in various scenes where viruses and bacteria float and are susceptible to infection.

■ Nanoclo2

1, Since chlorine dioxide generating case is reversible type with white on one side and black on the other side, you can put your favorite colour for clothes etc.

2. Place the chlorine dioxide generator in a card case with a clip, please wear it.

3. The duration period is about 2 months

Evidence of effectiveness for Nanoclo2

It is taken the performance evaluation test

by a official third party inspection organization in Japan.

– Virus / Bacteria 99% reduction after 24 hours

– Reduce the odor residual rate to 0 to 20% or less!

– Evaluation test for eradication and deodorization performance for viruses, bacteria and odor by nanoclo (former type)

– Inspection agency: Kitasato Environmental Science Center (2002 June)

* Nanocloth series has obtained validity data at safe chlorine dioxide gas emission concentration to major viruses, bacteria, odor under specific conditions in third party organization for each product.

•Evaluation tests are carried out with specific viruses and bacteria, not experimental results with all viruses and bacteria.
•What is safe chlorine dioxide gas emission concentration … Indoor concentration guideline value set as voluntary standard value by chlorine dioxide industry association (voluntary standard of chlorine dioxide industry association) 0.01 ppm
*  The test is done in a closed space by a reasonable inspection method.

Because it is not an inspection under the general living environment, it differs from the test result depending on the usage environment.

■About the change with the passage of days

The concentration of chlorine dioxide gas begins to fall from around 2 months after opening.

The chlorine dioxide concentration recommended by the chlorine dioxide industry association is 0.001 ppm.

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